Experience Meets Modern Civilization

The year 2006 witnessed the emergence of a unique approach to investment and private wealth management in the Gulf region. A boutique firm stemming from the roots of the long-established Al-Rajhi family and inspired by the vision of the late Shiekh Saleh Al-Rajhi – the founder of the Al-Rajhi Bank – came into existence.

In a market characterized by fierce competition, Megren Al Rajhi Investment (RAI) was able to position itself in a class of its own in the Saudi and GCC region. RAI adopted an unrivaled and peerless approach distinguishing itself from all others.

The unique mix between the rich legacy of the Al-Rajhi business heritage and the dynamics of modern management and financial insights, have together joined to formulate one of the region’s most successful SFOs. This matchless combination enabled RAI to manage strategic investment portfolios in diverse sectors including technology, fintech, healthcare, real estate, education, banking, entertainment, fashion, and others.

The strategy adopted by RAI allows it to identify potential opportunities and seize exceptional investments. The accumulated rich experience that stems from the heritage of Al-Rajhi family combined with the skills, expertise, and profound market knowledge gives RAI a competitive advantage on several levels. This enables RAI to accurately read market reality, forecast changes, predict trends, employ creative ways to procure capital, hedge against risks, seize promising investment opportunities and identify potentialities in entrepreneurial projects.

For high net worth investors and ambitious entrepreneurs, RAI is the partner of choice and the name they seek. A name known for its investment prowess and a culture characterized for its nimbleness, responsiveness, and encouragement to innovation.

The philanthropic and charitable legacy of the late Shiekh Saleh Al-Rajhi inspired RAI to systematically invest in knowledge, human-based capital and creative capabilities. RAI is a strong believer and protagonist of humanitarian and charitable initiatives adding value to serving society and the building of the human potential.