Megren Al Rajhi

Broad Minds Continuously Improved with Knowledge and Professional Attempts Create Magic

Megren Al-Rajhi, Founder and Chairman of Megren Al-Rajhi Investment (RAI) – one of the top single-family offices (SFOs) in the region. An ambitious entrepreneur who combines the long- established family heritage and rich experience in the field of finance and investment with his dynamic youthful spirit, world class education and professional qualifications.

In 2003, he started his professional life at the age of 19 with the Saleh Al Rajhi & partners Co. Despite his young age, he was able to achieve many successes which enabled him to assume a number of major tasks and responsibilities in the company. This early distinction qualified him to become a member of the board of directors of Sheikh Saleh Al Rajhi business council in 2005.

Early Beginnings of Megren Al-Rajhi Investment

In 2006, he established his first private investment in which he combined the heritage of Al-Rajhi family with his rich practical experience and educational qualifications. The journey started with successful investments in real estate development, this was followed by a number of smart investments in various fields where he focused on seizing promising opportunities and investing in selected entrepreneurial projects. He was distinguished for his remarkable ability to predict future opportunities, invest in human capital, and pioneer in new fields. He was one of the first investors in the financial technology field (fintech) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Economic Contributions

Throughout his journey, he has been well known to be an avid supporter of young entrepreneurs in the Kingdom and for his unshaken belief in the importance of paving the way for promising entrepreneurial projects. The investment portfolio managed by Mergren Al-Rajhi is characterized by smart investments in startups with high economic viability in record times. The portfolio includes: Geidea Financial Technology which in less than 10 years became the main player in the fintech sector, Awfa Investments, Next Generation School (NGS) – a Saudi led educational project based in the UAE, and many others.

Unique Investment Portfolio

Today, Megren Al-Rajhi leads one of the top SFOs in the region, which manages a diversified and unique investment portfolio in various sectors including:

  • Al-Rajhi Bank (investor)
  • Saudi Chemical (investor)
  • Geidea (investor partner)
  • Awfa Investments (co-founder & partner)
  • NGS School UAE (founder & partner)
  • Aja Pharma (investor)
  • SITCO PHARMA (investor)
  • SINCO (investor)
  • The Boulevard – Al Riyadh (investor partner),
  • Elabelz Fashion (investor)
  • Farfetch Fashion – London (investor)
  • Immersive Experiences – Dubai (investor)
  • and others.

Board of Directors

In addition to his investment activities, he also holds a number of prominent administrative positions, including:

  • Executive Board Member of Saleh Al Rajhi & partners Co. since 2003
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Sheikh Saleh Al Rajhi business council since 2005
  • Founder & Chairman of Megren Al-Rajhi Investment (RAI) since 2006
  • Member of the Board of Directors of NGS School, UAE since 2014
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Awfa Investment Company since 2017
  • Founder & Chairman of Megren Al Rajhi Venture Capital, UAE DIFC since 2019
  • Founder & Chairman of Megren Al-Rajhi Charity Foundation since 2020

Serving Society

His passion for charitable and humanitarian work led to the establishment of Megren Al-Rajhi Charity Foundation, through which he systematically implements a series of non-profit projects. The company also provides professional support to various charitable projects, as well as supporting and empowering youths’ initiatives and startup projects.

Academic Qualifications

In addition to his professional and career path in one of the most prominent and prestigious financial institutions in the region, he strengthened his skills and specialized expertise through a number of academic certificates and executive courses, including:

  • Management and Marketing Degree from Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, KSA
  • Management Certificate from London Business School, London, UK
  • Management Certificate from Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA