Human health and safety is our top priority


Community is nothing without its precious human power, and this great power is mostly but not solely affected by health.

Health is a key factor in every country's economy for many reasons, including:

  • Health is essential for a person's happiness and satisfaction; that way one can be more productive and have a clear vision and mind for creativity.
  • As a healthy population tends to live longer, and use much less of the country's medical resources, they help in the economic progress both directly and indirectly.

Megren AlRajihi Investment will always choose to invest in the precious lives and well-being of individuals.

Saudi Chemical

It is a prestigious investment company, which owns a group of 5 companies and 3 factories, along with several distribution site. Saudi Chemical is not a just a stagnant success, but it constantly evolves and has strategic growth plans for the future.


Saudi International Trading Company is one of the major pharmaceutical distributors in Saudi Arabia.

Aja Pharma

AJA is one of the leading factories in the pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing several pharmaceutical substances used in treating various diseases. It provides world class quality with top notch machinery and technology.


Suez International Nitrate Company is an Egyptian joint stock company situated in Egypt. It is one of the companies owned by Saudi Chemical Company.